Build Your Solar Call Center with CC Docs

Brief overview of CC Docs services

Critical Components

Wouldn’t you like to own an in-house asset that you manage? That spits out appointments with a reliable, highly scalable CPA that works in any market.  Why rely on external companies for your marketing when you can own this yourself?

We Work With The Best

Quality Control

12-Step Process
We Work With The Best
Mentor System
Role of Senior Managers
Maintain Your Staff


The first is the dialer.  The dialer is used to connect the agents to the leads being dialed.  We have been in the call center industry for nearly seven years and have used every dialer on the market.  We settled on a Vicidial platform almost two years ago, too, due to the extreme customization (150+ APIs and 50 pages of documentation), phenomenal connectivity, and control over the platform.


Detailed information on the Vicidial platform, customization, scalability, and reports


Explanation of predictive dialing, CRM integration, and its role in appointment setting


Fill out form!

Recruiters source the agents and do a 10-15 minute interview.  Assuming they pass the interview they move onto a form which they fill out.

Recruiting is an Art

All of our Solar reps have 1 to 2 years of experience cold calling in Solar. 80% to 90% of them are in Mexico, with the rest typically sprinkled around Egypt, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries.

Most of the reps we hire from Mexico lived in the USA for 10 to 20 years and are completely Americanized. This allows you to get a high quality rep at a amazing price saving you lots of money long term. We do on occasion hire from other countries, but we prefer Mexico due to the proximity of the location to the USA and Cultural understandings of America. The average American receives 20 to 30 unsolicited phone calls a week.

You want to have the highest chance of penetrating that potential customer and you only have a few seconds on the phone with them to gain their trust and begin the selling process.


Do you really want to leave this up to a bunch of people overseas?

We’ve also hired a lot from South America and Central America (Colombia, Nicauguara, Honduras, etc) they have amazing talent, a Mexican accent, and the cultural understanding and the level of English is pound for pound very poor compared to Mexico.


You want to stack the decks in your favor with a predominantly Mexican team, that being said, we don’t discriminate, there is high-quality world-class talent everywhere, but why not focus on Mexico as your primary recruiting source?

We have a very thorough recruiting process that goes through 4 steps.


We have 10-full time recruiters who source candidates from hundreds of websites, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and other mediums.


You don’t want to get this piece wrong, as it will make or break your contact center or put you months behind.  Money is one thing, but it’s the time-cost opportunity of not closing 50 to 100+ deals because you had the wrong people in place.

Just The FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

We are the only vendor on the planet that has everything under one roof for a complete cohesive build-out. 

Providing customer service is basic, however, it is a top priority that directly affects a company’s bottom line. With The Call Center Doctors, you have control of inbound/outbound customer campaigns without contracts or excuses from a service provider. Business owners are tired of the lack of transparency in their call center and some have tried to build out their call center to find that thousands of hours and 10’s of thousands of dollars are wasted. The result was nothing more than an expensive and mediocre call center effort that was 1/10th of what The Call Center Doctors charge.

Operational Streamlining

  • Cut reduced by half or more
  • Conversion rate by 30% upwards of 200% (We have REFERENCES!)
  • Client LTV Increase 1-6 Months
  • Per agent, dial increases by 700 1400 dials per day per agent
  • 4x increase in Agent productivity
  • Full Call Center Director Implementation
  • Full custom scripting
  • 1 to 1 CEO Coaching: We take apart your business with a fine-tooth comb, we examine all the bottlenecks, we rebuild your sales process, rebuild your SOPs, instate proper checks and balances, implement Learning Management System and within 90 days your revenue will be up by a minimum of 30%
  • Hiring funnel to get high-quality agents on demand!
  • Automatic DID Hygiene
  • Full 2-Way harmonious integration with High Level, SalesForce, Zoho (YOU NAME IT!)
  • Local Automated Phone Number outbound matching
  • Blended outbound campaigns
  • All Leads Go To All your Agents
  • Full Visibility as to what all your agents are doing
  • Provide full reports for all your clients
  • Full Quality Control Implementation
  • Full Quality Control and Coaching implemented: We’ve examined countless call centers and almost everyone is missing the mark!
  • Able to monitor what agents are doing at a granular level
  • Individual agent monitoring / DID disposition
  • Monitor agents individually for conversion rates.
  • Full Learning Management System for easy onboarding of new agents
  • Solar Companies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Companies

Any company that wants to focus on revenue-generating activities and also be in complete control of their business.