Why Choose Us

Character. Integrity. Accountability.

Character is the thread that holds call centers together.

Creating Your Team Through Experience

Our solution in recruiting and training talented call center agents ensures that you’ll have skilled agents trained be a revenue-generating for your business. Your business will also have the best integrative technology, reporting at your fingertips to monitor and improve their performance.

Our experience in selecting the best trainees will be based upon qualifiers such as how feedback is not taken personally and a willingness to improve knowledge.

This is because The Call Center Doctors are run by people who have had to produce results daily. We train so that call agents will be the best in their performance and ego has no place at the end of the telephone line.

By the time your call team is established, call agents will be extremely well-vetted, well trained and an expert in the needs of what they will be selling.

One Build-Out. One Solution.
All Under One Umbrella!

One Build-Out. One Solution.
All Under One Umbrella!

All solutions under one roof:

  • Automatic phone number hygiene
  • .45 cent phone numbers
  • Full quality control
  • Hiring
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Maintaining.

Now is the time to begin gaining back everything you have lost.
There is no build-out that it’s too complex because we’ve done it all.


Call Center Deployment

Build and program a complete custom contact center that is owned by the customer vs paying another company every month.

Quality Control

Complete quality control build-out and full training with agents that are trained to convert clients.

Lead Sources

Access to top tier lead providers to get unlimited high quality leads to call and convert.


We build out full two-way integration for true two-way communication between your contact center and your CRM of choice.


Hiring / Recruiting

We build out full hiring and recruiting funnel for you to hire unlimited world-class nearshore / offshore agents at a fraction of the price of hiring in the US.

Sales Training

We hire and train in house sales trainers to help run your call center and provide ongoing support.

VOIP Connectivity

We specialize in connecting with world-class VoIP connectivity to ensure the calls get to where they need to go.


Ongoing training / LMS

We have a full learning management system not only for the management of our clients but also for their dialers to reduce training time and get everyone on the same page.

Ongoing support

World-class 5 day a week 11 hour a day chat support, zoom support, customer help portal and ticketing system.